Still not dead, with bonus podfic!

Because I am a horrible, horrible person, I have neglected to post a link to the podfic for Ain't No Grave, which greeniron posted over a year ago.

Groveling, public apologies, greeniron!!!

I really haven't paid any attention to anything other than school for the last two years; seriously, I've got a bunch of emails from around Christmas 2012 I'm just now getting around to. Apologies if I have ignored posts, comments, milestones, etc.

I'm not hanging around on LJ much these days, but I poke around on AO3 now and then. I'm slowly posting my fic over there, also under art_savage.

Hope all is relatively well with y'all!

Leave of absence, so to speak...

Not like y'all could actually tell the difference, but I'm taking a leave of absence from LJ for a bit. I really can't keep up with fic or with my flist's happenings the way I'd like to, so rather than being a half-assed LJ citizen and feeling guilty about it, I'm gonna take a little break.

If for some odd reason, you have a burning desire to stay in touch with me, feel free to drop me a PM or email.

Take care!

SPN fic - Ain't No Grave - 1/1

Title: Ain't No Grave
Rating: R
Word Count: ~6895
Warnings: Salty language, slightly cracky, possible spoilers for all aired episodes.
Disclaimer: All the witty disclaimers are already taken. Supernatural and its characters do not belong to me.

Summary: When John Winchester wakes up to a post-apocalypse future, he only wants to know two things: where are his sons, and just what brought him back? AU in which the apocalypse caused a lot more trouble for society and ended a little differently.

Also available as a podfic, read by greeniron.

Author's Notes: Title from the traditional song of the same name, preferred version by Johnny Cash. This was written for rainylemons for the spn_summergen fic exchange. I used prompt #2, but the story bears very little resemblance to the original idea.

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Podfic - "This Bitter Earth"

For those of y'all into that newfangled podfic stuff, waiting4rain42 has kindly recorded my SPN/Criminal Minds crossover, "This Bitter Earth." You can find links to m4b, m4a, wma, and mp3 formats here:

I'm mostly confused by all this technology, but I thought it was pretty cool somebody wanted to record one of my fics. Neat! :)

In other news, I've spent entirely too much time today looking at photos of New Orleans shotgun houses...