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[sticky post] Ye Olde Fic List

I suppose I finally have enough stories for a sticky post - what an occasion of great delight!

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Still not dead, with bonus podfic!

Because I am a horrible, horrible person, I have neglected to post a link to the podfic for Ain't No Grave, which greeniron posted over a year ago.

Groveling, public apologies, greeniron!!!

I really haven't paid any attention to anything other than school for the last two years; seriously, I've got a bunch of emails from around Christmas 2012 I'm just now getting around to. Apologies if I have ignored posts, comments, milestones, etc.

I'm not hanging around on LJ much these days, but I poke around on AO3 now and then. I'm slowly posting my fic over there, also under art_savage.

Hope all is relatively well with y'all!


Leave of absence, so to speak...

Not like y'all could actually tell the difference, but I'm taking a leave of absence from LJ for a bit. I really can't keep up with fic or with my flist's happenings the way I'd like to, so rather than being a half-assed LJ citizen and feeling guilty about it, I'm gonna take a little break.

If for some odd reason, you have a burning desire to stay in touch with me, feel free to drop me a PM or email.

Take care!

SPN fic - Ain't No Grave - 1/1

Title: Ain't No Grave
Rating: R
Word Count: ~6895
Warnings: Salty language, slightly cracky, possible spoilers for all aired episodes.
Disclaimer: All the witty disclaimers are already taken. Supernatural and its characters do not belong to me.

Summary: When John Winchester wakes up to a post-apocalypse future, he only wants to know two things: where are his sons, and just what brought him back? AU in which the apocalypse caused a lot more trouble for society and ended a little differently.

Also available as a podfic, read by greeniron.

Author's Notes: Title from the traditional song of the same name, preferred version by Johnny Cash. This was written for rainylemons for the spn_summergen fic exchange. I used prompt #2, but the story bears very little resemblance to the original idea.

Ain't No GraveCollapse )


I'm so disillusioned

Holy crap! I've been tying my shoes wrong my entire life!! Check this out:



Podfic - "This Bitter Earth"

For those of y'all into that newfangled podfic stuff, waiting4rain42 has kindly recorded my SPN/Criminal Minds crossover, "This Bitter Earth." You can find links to m4b, m4a, wma, and mp3 formats here:


I'm mostly confused by all this technology, but I thought it was pretty cool somebody wanted to record one of my fics. Neat! :)

In other news, I've spent entirely too much time today looking at photos of New Orleans shotgun houses...



Best phrase ever heard on an episode of NOVA.



Uh. That's all. Carry on.



My beloved Canon S2 IS, after over a year of just plain not working, has finally been repaired (for free!), allowing me to take decent pictures once more. Thus, I present:

Woodpecker is a really cool word...Collapse )